The President's Challenge Adult Fitness Test

BMI and Waist Circumference


  • Scale
  • Tape measure or a piece of string
  • Yardstick
  • Pencil



  • 1. With shoes off, measure your weight on a scale.
  • 2. Record this measurement.


  • 1. With shoes off, stand with your back to the wall, heels close together and as close as possible to the wall.
  • 2. Have your partner place the yardstick on top of your head such that it touches the wall and is parallel to the floor. Partner makes a small mark on the wall under the yardstick. Measure the distance from the floor to the mark (in feet and inches).
  • 3. Record this measurement.

Waist circumference:

  • 1. Stand upright and have your partner wrap the tape measure or a piece of string around your bare abdomen just above the hip bones (see diagram at Pull the string or tape measure so it’s snug, but not compressing the skin. Keep the tape level.
  • 2. Your partner holds thumb and finger on the measuring tape or string where the two ends meet. If you use a piece of string, have a yard stick or other measuring device handy so you can measure the string.
  • 3. Record this measurement (in inches).

To find your BMI, use this chart.