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The President's Challenge Adult Fitness Test

Print Your Results

Congratulations! You scored above average on of the 4 elements of the adult fitness test. Your score was average or below average for your age on of the 4 tests. You may wish to talk with a fitness or exercise professional about activities you can do to improve your performance on these tests. Keep up the good work! Remember to be active every day and work to maintain a healthy weight.

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Your aerobic fitness is below what is recommended for good physical health for persons of your age and gender. For health purposes, it is recommended that you increase your physical activity to improve your aerobic capacity.

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Congratulations, your aerobic fitness estimate is consistent with a lower risk of health problems associated with chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes. It is still important to continue or possibly increase your physical activity level to maintain and improve your aerobic fitness and health status.

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The following chart shows results for the data you submitted. For more comprehensive results, please submit data for all of the testing elements.

Fitness Component Test Event Your Results Your Score
Aerobic Fitness*
Heart Rate
VO2 Max
Muscular Strength Half Sit-Ups
Flexibility Sit-and-Reach
Overall Score (based on percentile average) %ile

Body Composition BMI:
Waist Circumference

*Normative data for VO2max are based on a population that is 20 years of age and older and are re-printed from the 2006 Physical Fitness Specialist Course and Certification Manual, with permission of The Cooper Institute, 12330 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75230

When evaluating your performance on this test, you should look at your results on each of the tests and consider how the individual tests contribute to your overall fitness. Your percentile scores are based on normative data, which represent the average achievment of people in your age group performing the test. For example, if your score is in the 75%ile (read as 75th percentile) that means that 75% of the scores among people your age fall below your score. In general, the better you score on each test, the more fit you are. On the other hand, it is not necessary to score at the very highest level on all of the tests in order to be at reduced risk for a number of diseases. Scoring poorly on one test may help you identify specific fitness activities you need to do to improve your fitness score on that test. However, this does not mean you should ignore the fitness activities associated with the tests on which you performed well. Your goal should be to score well on as many of the fitness test items as possible, maintain your fitness level in those you did well, and improve the rest.

Improve Your Scores

Now that you've taken the Adult Fitness Test, take the President's Challenge to improve and/or maintain your fitness level.